Discovering israeli-german building culture

February - March Tel AViv & May - June 2018 berlin

For more than 80 years, Tel Aviv and Berlin are connected also by modernist architecture. This historical architecture epoch represents an excellent opportunity to discover the bond between the two countries, to analyze social connections as well as historical developments up to the present day.


Eight trainees from Berlin and Tel Aviv are working together on projects for the preservation of listed buildings during a 10-day stay both in Tel Aviv and Berlin.



From February 26 to March 6, 2018, carpentry apprentices from the skilled craft sector in Berlin are going to work together with students from Israel on a partial restoration in the White City Center Tel Aviv under expert guidance. The focus is on the restoration of historical installations such as the Frankfurt kitchen, the precursor of our current fitted kitchen.


Dealing with the importance of sustainably preserving valuable, original materials, gives the participants of both countries a new perspective on the importance and diversity of their own craft as well as the value of common architectural historical symbolism. 


From May 27 to June 6 2018 the Israeli trainees have been in Berlin for another type of a "Bauhaus working stay". The Design students from Shenkar College Tel Aviv and the Berlin joiner apprentices achieved together an amazing result: a craft-design kid's stool in the style of the White City Center!


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A project of the White City Center Tel Aviv and the Berlin Chamber of skilled Crafts.









The White City Center (WCC) was co-founded by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the German government. 





The project is supported by a grant from the Stiftung deutsch-israelisches Zukunftsforum