01. June 2018
Last working day. What an amazing result! The stools are finished. 7 pieces have been made. Everyone is very proud of the successful cooperation of designers and carpenters.

31. May 2018
First amazing result! The new kid's Liebling-stool!

30. May 2018
Planning is done - work starts - for the new kid's Liebling-stools!

28. May 2018
Project Part II begins. All students arrived in the Max-Bill-School (OSZ Planen, Bauen, Gestalten, - before Marcel-Breuer-School). After a school visit - the planning for the week started. Gunther Adler, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, invited all students to learn more about the project and their Israeli-German experiences.

27. May 2018
The Israeli students arrived in Berlin. Discovering Israeli-German Building Culture part two! Welcome!

07. March 2018
The stay in Tel Aviv is over - thanks for the warm welcome, the work together, intercultural insights! Looking forward to welcome the Israeli participants end of May in Berlin!

06. March 2018
The German participants visited Jerusalem today! How exciting!

05. March 2018

04. March 2018
Ulrich Wiegand (2nd from right), Director Berlin Chamber of Crafts, visited the Israeli-German group. Here at the Max-Liebling-roof terrace.

02. March 2018
Weekend in Tel Aviv - all trainees have time to sleep longer and exploring the exciting city Tel Aviv

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